Rowers Hand Balm


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Rowers Rub is a natural barrier to help prevent chafing and rubbing when rowing, kayaking or canoeing. Leaping Fish products are made from premium natural ingredients that are organic, vegan and vegetarian where possible to minimise the impact on the environment. The natural oils help prevent water-borne infection and help your skin recover after exercise, and smell wonderfully of Clove and Cajeput. Find out more about Rowers Rub here: Rowers Rub contains just Rapeseed oil, soya wax, glycerine, cocoa butter, Bees wax, Zea Mays and Clove and Cajeput essentials oils: no chemicals, parabens, water or petroleum products.

The premium ingredients in Rowers Rub ensure that it will become a natural barrier to keep you comfortable. Store in a cool pace away from direct sunlight, and avoid contamination with water. Available in 60g size


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